Volunteering - there are several ways to help!

In-Person Volunteering:

Recently, hospitals are allowing a limited amount of volunteers back in to set up for events and work directly with patients. Since there are still some restrictions, we are continuing to provide virtual events with packaged goodie bags and gift boxes for patients.  Covid has made us realize we can reach everyone at once through the virtual experiences we bring.  Therefore, we will continue to provide them.

Toy Box Drives:
Companies and organizations pair with us in order to provide different age-appropriate boxes for drop-off at the hospitals that we serve. We provide the boxes - you provide the contents! In the past, companies like Credit Suisse and Baker McKenzie have paired with us.

Other Volunteering: 
Over the past few years, Harrison’s Heroes has partnered with various high schools, companies, and athletic teams. These organizations have raised funds for us, collected books, toys, Play-Doh, stationary, journals, and other goodies for the children that we serve. Some of these organizations include: Memorial High School, Cinco Ranch High School, and Ferrari of Houston.

If you are interested in volunteering with Harrison’s Heroes, please contact us at: info@harrisonsheroes.org.