Art Therapy Program – In 2017, the Harrison’s Heroes Art Studio opened in Texas Children’s Medical Center. This art studio allows patients to safely express themselves and create positive memories. Furthermore, terminal care patients have the ability to create lasting pieces of legacy art.

In addition, we have six mobile art carts that provide patients with a portable version of the art studio. Some patients are too ill to leave their rooms, and these carts ensure that they can still participate in a positive art-making experience. The carts service all of Texas Children’s, including the Heart and Cancer Center. Harrison’s Heroes is committed to fully stock both the studio and art carts annually.

Harrison’s Heroes has also sponsored a 3D printer at Texas Children’s. This 3D printer works in tandem with our studio and art carts to allow patients yet another avenue in art therapy.

Quarterly, we team up with the art therapists to bring special events to the patients. These events coincide with certain therapies the staff are currently working on in-studio. Through art, patients learn how to heal.

Hearts of Hope Quilt: The “Hearts of Hope” quilt was a year-long project that was created by Texas Children’s patients. The children drew what the word “hope” meant to them; their depictions were then made into a quilt in 2022, and now the quilt proudly hangs in the Heart Center. This art therapy project served to instill hope for families, while fostering a strong sense of community, unity, and connection within the hospital environment. It was quilted by Jaylyn Snider of Tea Time Quilting, and hearts were embroidered by Perfect Touch and Such.

Craft Fest Program - The Craft Fest program started in 2016 and is held weekly at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. Harrison’s Heroes is committed to provide the hospital with seasonal crafts and supplies that allow patients to come to a safe space and work on crafts that interest them or take part in seasonal crafts.


Birthday Box Program – The birthday box program is an annual program. When a patient celebrates their birthday in the hospital, they receive a birthday box. There are two age groups: 3-10 and 11 +. The boxes include birthday items to decorate their room, as well as age-appropriate crafts and games to keep them busy on their special day. This program is implemented at Texas Children’s Hospital along with MD Anderson Pediatrics. At MD Anderson Pediatrics, we also support the “birthday cake fund.” This fund allows cakes to be given along with the birthday box.


Facility Dog Program – The facility Dog Program is one of our newest programs we support. A facility dog is a specially trained dog that partners with a facilitator working in a professional setting, such as a hospital. A facility dog is similar to a therapy dog, but isn’t assigned to assist a specific individual, but rather a facility such as a hospital or school. These dogs undergo a two-year, extensive and specialized training program.

Research shows these dogs can: reduce stress and anxiety, enhance calm and security, ease perception of pain, lower heart rate and blood pressure, improve mood and moral, and build trust and communication in children. We work together with the Child Life Department at Children’s Memorial Hermann to supply the dogs with toys, food, etc.

We currently support the Waggin' Wednesday program.  This program allows patients to interact with the dogs while working on specific activities that support their healing.  We have provided the hospital four mailboxes. The patients can write letters to the dogs.  Then, they must go mail their letter off. Thus, having to use their muscles to walk to the mailboxes, which helps in their therapy.
Waggin' Wednesday
Waggin' Wednesday
Waggin' Wednesday

More Projects:


Band Aid Books:
Harrison’s Heroes has provided Children’s Memorial Hermann and MD Anderson Pediatrics band-aid books. These books allow children that are receiving a shot, or other procedures, to focus on what cool band-aid they want instead of focusing on their procedure. Therefore, these books reduce their stress level. In the past, companies like Baker & McKenzie have sponsored band-aid drives for us.


Playtime Therapy Bedsheets:
Harrison’s Heroes has supplied MD Anderson Pediatrics with interactive sheets called Playtime Therapy Bedsheets. These sheets have over 60 fun, interactive games on them. The patients are able to use washable markers, which we provide, and draw on the sheets. This form of play is shown to reduce the stress of a patient. This is a first of its kind in any children’s hospitals in Houston, Texas.


Medi Teddy:
A Medi Teddy is a teddy bear that hides the IV bag for children undergoing different treatments. These are important because they allow the children to relax and feel more comfortable during their procedure. Therefore, the children have a better experience. There are two types of Medi Teddies: plush and wipeable. The plush version can be found at Tirr Memorial Hermann, and the wipeable one is at MD Anderson Pediatrics and Shriners Galveston.


Scrapbook Cart:
Harrison’s Heroes is proud to supply Children’s Memorial Hermann with it’s first ever scrapbook cart. This cart serves several of the different populations that are in the hospital. For example, it services head trauma patients. The patient is able to make a scrapbook in hopes to regain their memory. Also, it is used for young mothers that have lost their newborn baby. Lastly, the cart is used for terminally ill patients to leave behind their legacy.


Toppers Toy and Craft Cart:
In Partnership with Harrison’s Heroes, Toppers Toy and Craft Cart is a special cart that makes it’s rounds throughout Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital to all the floors including impatient, PACU, day surgery, and dialysis throughout each week. It’s filled with arts and crafts, teddy bears, newborn outfits, and other fun age-appropriate activities. This cart is important as it services all patients who are not able to leave their rooms for a number of reasons.


Safe Art Boxes:
Safe Art Boxes serve as a critical tool in working with patients who come to the hospital with higher safety needs; whether it be a medical reason causing decreased cognitive capacity to control their actions, or mental health needs with concern of their regard for personal safety. There are two levels of Safe Art Boxes to encompass the range of higher needs. Both contain materials deemed safe by Children’s Memorial Hermann Behavioral Health committee. These boxes are curated with appropriate, safe items such as puzzles, paints, and crayons. These boxes allow some demonstration of autonomy over their very controlled environment.


Exam Room at Shriners Galveston: 
In 2019, Harrison’s Heroes refreshed the treatment room at Shriners in Houston with the help of local artist Kermit Eisenhut and The Houston Junior Forum. Kermit lent his time and talents to create a beautiful and custom mural for the room.

The room was adorned with new furniture as well. In late 2021, Shriners relocated to Galveston, Texas. Harrison’s Heroes is committed to keeping the feel of the exam room the same over in Galveston. We have had parts of the mural moved and relocated along with the exam table. Our goal is to create a more inviting and kid-friendly atmosphere.

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