Exciting News!

We have provided MD Anderson Pediatrics interactive sheets called Playtime Therapy Bedsheets.  These sheets have over 60 fun interactive games on them.  The patients are able to use washable markers, which we provide, and draw on the sheets.  This is a first of it’s kind in any of the Houston children’s hospitals.


We will be supplying Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital a teddy bear that hides the iv bag for children undergoing treatment.  These teddy bears are called a Medi Teddy.  These are important because they allow the children to relax and feel more comfortable during their treatment. Therefore, the children have a better experience. 


In addition, Harrison’s Heroes is proud to supply the Children's Memorial Hospital with it’s first Scrapbooking Cart.  This cart will go around to head trauma patients rooms and they will be able to make a scrapbook in hopes to help regain their memory.  The cart will also be used for terminally ill patients to leave behind their legacy.  


Lastly, we are excited to add an addition of a 3D Printer over at Texas Children’s Hospital.  This 3D printer will work together with our studio and six mobile art carts to allow patients yet another choice in art therapy. Harrison’s Heroes is excited to extend our partnership in art therapy over at this hospital through this gift.  

Upcoming Events


February 2021

Harrison's Heroes is going to provide Valentine goodie boxes to MD Anderson Pediatrics and Children's Memorial Hermann.  We are also partnering with Papa Johns Pizza to provide heart shaped pizzas.

March 2021

Harrison's Heroes is virtually bringing Puppy Pals, from America's Got Talent, for an amazing show to Texas Children's and MD Anderson Pediatrics.  Easter baskets and a bunch of goodies will complete the event. It will be a show not to miss!


April 2021

Our quarterly art therapy party with the talented, Toni , is going to take place.  She will virtually teach the patients over at Texas Children's how to handle clay and make masterpieces! This should be an excellent event!

The Treatment Room at Shriners Hospital Is Relocating to Galveston

This treatment room services approximately 1,000 patients annually. It's used for different procedures such as IV starts, casting, lumbar punctures and other invasive treatments. Our goal is to provide a more inviting and kid-friendly atmosphere.



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